Unlike most companies that only sell water softeners, water filtration, or other water systems, we also offer service after the sale because with proper service, your water system will only perform better. We provide the special support our customers deserve, including monthly, semi-annual, or annual service. We also offer service reminders to work around your schedule. Our Annual Service is the most common service and is recommended for most water filtration and treatment systems. However, based upon your needs due to the quality of the water coming into your home we will recommend how often is best to have your system serviced. We also offer emergency services, as well as free water tests in the Sacramento area!


At Pure Water, Inc. we are experienced and trusted when it comes to the right water treatment and water softener solutions for your home or business. We have been solving hard water and well water quality issues in the Sacramento Valley and Sierra Nevada Foothills since 1956. Our staff is trained, professional and reliable, ensuring that our customers only receive the highest form of work, products, and customer service when they receive a Pure Water, Inc. water softener or water treatment solution.

We specialize in the maintenance of water treatment equipment such as water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, water filtration systems, iron and carbon filters, UV Lights and more. To us, offering the best water treatment line is just the beginning. We back our products with an expert service department, trained not only in Pure Water Inc. products, but experienced in the service of all makes and models of water softeners and water filtration systems, including Rainsoft, Culligan, Hague, Fleck, Raynwater, Sears, Kenmore, GE and more.