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PURE Water, Inc. has been serving Sacramento and the surrounding region since 1956. We understand that we earn our reputation and that starts with treating our customers as we would want a company to treat our family. Check out our reviews, they speak to the quality of our people, equipment and commitment to customer service. Exceptional customer service is our promise right behind solutions for clean water!


“You couldn’t provide better customer service. Jim was fantastic. He explained the entire system to me and answered all my questions before he started to service the system. You must remember that he arrived at 5 p.m. and never made me feel he was in a hurry to finish the job or rushed to answer my questions.

While I’m discussing customer service, Pat, you too were fantastic . When I called to make the appointment, you went beyond just making the appointment, but asked questions since I was new to a water softener system and took time to explain some basic information and were quite helpful, like the tips on shampoo and dishwashing detergent! Thanks Pure Water”

- Suzanne Likarich


“When we moved into our house we had rusty copper pipes that at random would start leaking due to the high acidity water coming from our well! I personally called several water conditioning companies and checked out different water treatment systems in great detail. I found the Pure Water Inc. Water Max would be the right system for the application that we needed in order to lower the acidity in our water and to hopefully prevent more pipes from bursting inside our house. We actually had three leaks within 12 months before our system was installed. It is now been approximately 15 months and we have not had one leak since the new system had been installed.

Now the bonus for us is having soft water for our appliances inside the house! When we first moved into the house we had to replace the dishwasher after three months. The dishwasher being used with hard water and untreated water already created rust inside the dishwasher and it looked 20 years old. Once we had your system installed our dishwasher looked brand-new along with our washing machine, which inside of it is stainless steel it also looks brand-new! I was able to remove the green lining in all our toilets with some scrubbing and they also look brand-new after the soft water is now going through our house!

As far as maintenance, we have not had a single maintenance issue in the 15 months which has been wonderful. We have six people in our house and we use a lot of water and I add one 50 pound bag of salt every other month! So the cost of salt really is unmeasurable!

Pat you have been wonderful to us and Pure Water Company in Penryn… have been great to work with! Thanks Pure Water.”

- Brent Browning


“We bought our first Pure Water Inc. water softener when we purchased our home in the 80s. All of our water using appliances, water heater, dish washer, faucets, washing machine, sinks, and bath tubs were still working and looking great after 20 years; while I noticed my neighbors that didn’t have a Pure Water Inc. system were remodeling and replacing their appliances every so often. We believe it had everything to do with our Pure Water Inc. system. We are so happy that while attending a Home Show we ran into Pure Water Inc. QUALITY WATER again and decided to update everything, when we found out they had an updated WATERMAX that removed much more from the water (including chlorine) than our original water softener did. Our water treatment appliances were starting to look dated and were not as efficient as they should be, so we upgraded. We enjoy the benefits of having Pure Water Inc. water, softer skin, longer lasting appliances and pipes, great tasting water in the whole house, and all of the money we save on soap and cleaning products. Thanks Pure Water.”

- Karen and Syndie, Sacramento


“Dear Pure Water, We have had our Pure Water Inc. water system for two years now. We also have the reverse osmosis for our drinking water. There are many reasons we are enjoying our system. The taste of the water is so much better that the City water. Our skin really loves the softness of the water, no more hard water and dry skin. It takes so much less time to clean the sinks, toilets and showers. We have no more rust stains. We are really happy with the system and service. We recommend Pure Water.”

- Milton and Ruth Maser


“PureWater is a wonderful local company ensuring their patrons are satisfied. Excellent service, amazing craftsmanship, honest, reasonable…. Thanks Austin for the outstanding service and equipment…and all the “tips” for us newbies.”

- Cheri


“My hair was green and my hair stylist told me to get a water system. Austin at Pure Water Inc. tested the water and found that we had acid in our water in Loomis, CA. It only took Jim, the serviceman, one day to install. They were honest, friendly and cared about us after they installed it. Thanks for saving my hair Pure Water Inc..”

- Amelia


“Austin was asked to come out and show me the options on the new Pure Water Inc. systems, as well as other options that I might have. I chose to go with Pure Water Inc. once again and purchased a new system. I would like to take this time to thank Pure Water Inc. for a wonderful product and great customer service.”

- Russ Boge

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