Water is essential to our existence, that’s a given. So, contaminated tap water is a big deal in the context of your health and the well-being of your family. At Pure Water in Sacramento, we know a lot about the dangers of contaminated tap water. Our goal is to protect you and your family with the best products, services and information to ensure your safety. Whether you live in Lincoln, Antelope, Placerville, Rancho Cordova or any neighboring
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We are made up primarily of water. In fact, up to 60% of an average adult body is composed of water. It’s so important for our survival that the average person can go only three or four days without it. And yet, it’s not uncommon to find pollutants in our drinking water. The Clean Water Act passed in the 1970s, but it’s still under attack today. Are you concerned about pollutants in your water? Do
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You may have heard of the terms “hard water” and “soft water”. But do you have a clear understanding of what each of these terms means? Knowing the difference between these hard and soft water is critical, especially when it comes to their various characteristics and benefits. If you’re buying filters, you may need to understand the difference because the knowledge can and will affect your decision. The following details from Pure Water, Inc. in
Water FAQs
Clean and safe water is a basic human right, but how do you tell which water is safe? City water is generally regulated, but sometimes you don’t want to use city water or don’t trust it. This is completely understandable, because city water is expensive, and despite regulation, there are some horror stories out there. The big question isn’t whether to use city water, but what to use instead. There’s always the option of a
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Water is life itself. We can’t survive without it. In fact, 90% of human body weight is attributed to water and 60% of an adult human is composed of water. It helps our cells regenerate, acts as a shock absorber, and keeps our overall health in check. We need to be sure the water we’re taking in is doing the body good, not harm. Contaminated water can lead to illness, health complications, and even death.
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