Hard water consumption and cardiovascular mortality have been linked to one another through a study conducted by The US National Library of Medicine. With that link, it may shock you that many regions in the United States have hard water pumped into their resident’s homes every day. There are a lot of risks associated with drinking hard water. The solution to these risks is having a reliable water softener in your home. This softener acts
Water Softeners
Without even realizing it, you may be overlooking signs that you have hard water. Here at Pure Water in Sacramento, serving Northern California, we know that hard water can cause trouble for you and your home, so we hope this list will help you figure out if hard water is the source of your water troubles. What is Hard Water? Water with a high mineral count is called hard water and through the minerals involved
Water Filtration Systems
Why install a water filtration system? Here at Pure Water, Inc. in Sacramento, serving the Northern California and the Sierra Nevada areas, we want to share the benefits of having your water filtered by a water filtration system. Safer Drinking Water Whole home water filtration ensures that it is healthier for you and your family. It is better than both bottled water and tap water which still often contain contaminants such as lead, and chemicals
Water Filtration Systems
At Pure Water in Sacramento, we know a great deal about the benefits of a reverse osmosis water system. It could be just the right solution for you, and today, we’ll discuss a few reasons why you might want to consider one for your home. If these benefits sound good to you, be sure to give us a call for an estimate on a system and professional installation. Removes Contaminants Reverse osmosis water systems can
Water Filtration Systems
Do you suspect contaminated tap water at your home? Here at Pure Water, Inc., serving the Sacramento, Northern California, and Sierra Nevada regions, we have some information that may help you better determine whether your water is safe. Signs of Contamination Color—If your water is cloudy or discolored, you may have a water contamination problem. The color of your water could be altered by minerals or rust. Smell and taste—Your water may also have an
Water Filtration Systems

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