is well water safeClean and safe water is a basic human right, but how do you tell which water is safe? City water is generally regulated, but sometimes you don’t want to use city water or don’t trust it.

This is completely understandable, because city water is expensive, and despite regulation, there are some horror stories out there. The big question isn’t whether to use city water, but what to use instead.

There’s always the option of a well, but is well water safe? This a good question, and we’ll do our best to answer it in the next few paragraphs.

Is Well Water Safe?

The question of whether well water is safe is somewhat complicated. As a general rule, groundwater, having been cut off from chemicals and bacteria during its time underground, is safe.

The problem comes in a while after the well has first been dug when the question of maintenance arises. In one respect, well water is just like any other water. It needs to maintenance and cleaning once in a while to ensure that bacteria, chemical runoff, or other dangerous substances stay out.

On Maintenance

Maintained well water is safe. In fact, it may be safer than city water, which is often drawn from rivers and then purified with chemicals. Plus, the United States has drinking water that is safer than that of most other countries.

How do you keep groundwater clean, though? Before going any further, we should note that some things are doable when first digging a well.

First, take note of what’s going on around you, and assess potential risks and contaminants. Are you alone in the countryside? Do your neighbors, by any chance, have a garden that they spray pesticides on? Are you near a place that deals with chemicals?

Next, dig the well deep. A deep well reduces the risk of contamination but doesn’t get rid of it completely.

Be careful during the construction of the well. A poorly-constructed well is a recipe for disaster.

When it is time to check the groundwater, contact your local health department, or use if you’re in the area. We’re incredibly knowledgeable on the subject and should be able to help. Ideally, you should check groundwater yearly, preferably during the Spring

How to Treat Contaminated Water

If your water becomes contaminated, there are a lot of ways to clean it. Some say that the best option is to use a water filter. There’s a lot of water filters out there though, so do a bit of research first.

There are, of course, other methods, such as boiling the water and drinking the water vapor and even treating the water with chemicals, such as chlorine.

Groundwater and What You Should Know

Groundwater is a common source of drinking water in the United States. The cleanliness of groundwater relies on how often and how well it’s cleaned. Is well water safe? Yes, as long as proper maintenance occurs.

Well water should be tested at least once per year, and if it comes up contaminated, it needs to be purified. It’s best to go with a filtration system on this one.

Once all that’s done, the water should be clean, assuming you have a decent well. If you need someone to test your well, feel free to contact us.

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