Do you suspect contaminated tap water at your home? Here at Pure Water, Inc., serving the Sacramento, Northern California, and Sierra Nevada regions, we have some information that may help you better answer the question – is your water safe? Signs of Contamination in Water Color—If your water is cloudy or discolored, you may have a water contamination problem. The color of your water could be altered by minerals or rust. Smell and taste—Your water
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Is your well giving you issues? There’s a good chance that your well water isn’t as clean as you might hope. It happens, especially when you’re relying on pulling water from the ground. If that sounds like your issue, you’re not alone. Over 13 million U.S. households rely on well water for their drinking water. That number is no drop in the bucket. Everyone who uses a well should test their well water for contaminants to
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Here at Pure Water, Inc. in Sacramento, we want to share the top reasons you need a water softener system. A lot of people don’t realize just what water softeners can do and how they can improve your water. Water softening can extend the life of the plumbing in your home. That is one of several improvements you may see when your water is softened. What Does a Water Softener System Do? Water conditioning systems,
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Most of us use water in our homes without much thought. We may not even realize there’s a problem with our water until an appliance breaks down and a repair professional tells us it’s due to hard water. Now, whether or not you’re aware of the issue, the more important conversation revolves around what can be done about it. Here at Pure Water, Inc. in Sacramento, our experts know that there are four hard water problems a
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When was the last time you drank straight from the tap in your home? Used it to cook dinner for your kids? How many water bottles have you purchased in the last year? If you’re done dealing with unsafe and inconvenient water, contact Pure Water in Sacramento and talk to us about installing a reverse osmosis water system. One of the most powerful solutions available, reverse osmosis uses pressure to force a solution through a membrane
Water Filtration Systems

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