Water SoftenerHard water consumption and cardiovascular mortality have been linked to one another through a study conducted by The US National Library of Medicine.

With that link, it may shock you that many regions in the United States have hard water pumped into their resident’s homes every day.

There are a lot of risks associated with drinking hard water. The solution to these risks is having a reliable water softener in your home. This softener acts as a buffer between you and the harmful substances you and your family may be getting through your home’s tap.

Our team at Pure Water Inc, have put together this quick article to educate you on what hard water is and why you may need to soften your water.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is untreated or lightly treated tap water that many municipalities pump into resident’s homes.

Hard water contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium in high levels. These minerals are present in the water supply usually because water is pumped from underground and rock and stone have eroded into the water supply over time.

What Are the Potential Health Effects of Hard Water?

While minerals like calcium are good for us in doses, the amount hard water gives us can cause health problems.

Hard water can have negative effects on your cardiovascular system as was stated in the introduction of this piece. It can increase your risk of heart disease and even heart failure in some people.

Hard water is also detrimental to your hair and skin. Because of the minerals present in hard water, you don’t receive the same healthy hydration benefits you would with soft water. This can lead to dry skin and premature hair breakage.

Given the high levels of calcium in hard water, it can also increase your risk of kidney stones.

How Does a Water Softener Work

Water softeners work to filter the effects of hard water so the water you drink and even bathe with (if using a whole-home filtration system) is safe.

Water softeners soften water through ion exchange. This process put simply is when harmful minerals present in hard water are replaced with sodium ions.

These sodium ions are much safer to drink than the minerals they replace and consequently, your drinking water carries with it more health benefits and fewer risks.

The Bottom Line – Protect Yourself Against Hard Water with a Water Softener

Hard water carries with it the risk of causing cardiovascular problems. It also can affect your skin, hair and cause kidney stones.

To combat the harmful effects of hard water, use a filter that works to soften water either on your primary drinking tap or preferably, in your whole home via a whole-home filtration system.

If you’re in the Sacramento, CA, area and are looking for a provider to help you cleanse your water supply, look no further than our team at Pure Water Inc.

We have been providing residents of the Sacramento area with clean water through whole-home filtration and more for years!

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