Water Softener System Pure Water Inc Sacramento CAMost of us use water in our homes without much thought. We may not even realize there’s a problem with our water until an appliance breaks down and a repair professional tells us it’s due to hard water.

Now, whether or not you’re aware of the issue, the more important conversation revolves around what can be done about it.

Here at Pure Water, Inc. in Sacramento, our experts know that there are four hard water problems a water softener system can help fix. Let’s take a closer look.

Scale Build Up

If you’ve noticed white marks in a shower or tub, you might mistake it for soap scum. However, if you find a more chalky buildup on any of your appliances or see water spots that don’t easily wipe away, it’s likely that you have hard water. A water softener system is an ideal solution for removing this limescale buildup which is made up of magnesium bicarbonate and calcium.

Dry Skin

If you and your family have irritated, dry skin, it may not be the weather to blame. You might have hard water. Essentially, there’s so much calcium and magnesium in your water that these excess minerals dry out your skin, forming a residue that creates an ashy hue, leathery feel, and often, an annoying itch.

If this sounds familiar, contact us here at Pure Water in Sacramento, serving the Northern California and the Sierra Nevada areas. We can test your water and help you determine what system would best serve your water needs. We offer Watermax®Hydroclean3, as well as a reverse osmosis system.

Bad Plumbing

Hard water is really hard on steel pipes. Limescale buildup on these pipes does quite a bit of damage and results in water flow issues which often cause you to need a plumber more frequently. If you have recurrent flow issues, experience leaks from faucets, have regular plumbing problems or trouble with home appliances, you probably have a hard water issue.

Stained Sinks and Tubs

If you have difficulty cleaning your sinks and bathtubs or if they seem to be permanently stained, you probably have a hard water issue. Vinegar is an effective cleanser when dealing with mineral deposits. These stains are the residue that is left behind when the water evaporates.

How Does a Water Softener System Help?

Water conditioning using water softener systems, exchanges excess magnesium and calcium ions with either potassium or sodium ions. After this exchange takes place, excess ions can be flushed from the system. The softener regenerates and then recharges ions as part of a regular process. It is important to test your water to know how to best approach your water issue.

Hard water can be trouble for your pipes, your appliances, and even your skin. Now that you know the top reasons you need a water softener system, contact us here at Pure Water in Sacramento to get your water tested and to determine which water system would work best for your home.


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