reverse osmosisWhen was the last time you drank straight from the tap in your home? Used it to cook dinner for your kids? How many water bottles have you purchased in the last year?

If you’re done dealing with unsafe and inconvenient water, contact Pure Water in Sacramento and talk to us about installing a reverse osmosis water system.

One of the most powerful solutions available, reverse osmosis uses pressure to force a solution through a membrane (filter). Inorganic solids and contaminants are trapped and flushed away while clean, fresh water is allowed to pass through to your home’s faucets.

Sounds pretty good, right? Now take a look at five more reasons to get on board with this whole-home water purification system.

Eliminates Chemicals & Contaminants

Reverse osmosis water systems can remove the vast majority of microscopic organisms and unwanted heavy metals. It is a great way to make your water cleaner and healthier.

Here are some of the contaminants that it will remove or dramatically reduce:

  • arsenic
  • copper
  • lead
  • selenium
  • chromium
  • barium
  • radium
  • fluoride
  • total dissolved solids

If you want cleaner more refreshing water, a reverse osmosis system may be just what you need. Give us a call at Pure Water serving the Sacramento, northern California, and Sierra Nevada areas.

2. Reduces Sodium in Your Tap Water

While a water softener is an excellent way to protect your pipes, appliances, clothing and skin from the effects of hard water, it does not purify your water. Plus, the taste of softened water is highly subjective.

One of the big benefits of a reverse osmosis water system at the tap (typically the kitchen) is that it does an excellent job of removing the sodium used in softening your water and improving the taste.

Having both a water softener and a reverse osmosis system is a fantastic way to improve drinking water and your reverse osmosis system will work more efficiently when it begins with softened water.

3. Saves on Buying Cases of Water

Bottled water is both environmentally wasteful and expensive. Additionally, the quality of bottled water is questionable. Often, it is simply tap water that is filtered and the bottles frequently end up in landfills. Having a reverse osmosis system will allow you to get higher quality water and will pay for itself pretty quickly if you typically buy bottled by the case.

4. Makes Water Taste Pretty Awesome

One of the best reasons to get a reverse osmosis system is that it tastes great.

This system removes impurities and odors by sending it through three carbon filters. Some of the best tasting water can come from your tap by installing a reverse osmosis system.

The water tastes so great, you may find it is easy to drink more water which is better for your health and possibly even your waistline.

5. Improves the Flavors in Food You Cook

While results will vary based on your home chef skills, anything that you use water to make (soup, pasta, bread and more) is going to taste better because the food is no longer absorbing all kinds of impurities.

Chlorine, in particular, can cause food to taste odd and it can even cause your meals to be discolored.

With a reverse osmosis system, you will only taste the food and it will be more delicious. You will find that your coffee and tea will have improved flavors, too.

Experience a reverse osmosis water system by contacting us at Pure Water in Sacramento. We serve northern California and Sierra Nevada as well. We will get your reverse osmosis system, along with a water softener, set up quickly so that you can begin enjoying these benefits right away.

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